In-Home Breastfeeding Session with Five Pence Photography

A whole lot of precious moments are coming your way! Mom Bailey and baby Gram decided to have an in-home breastfeeding session with Five Pence Photography and my oh my is it beautiful! Their goal was to capture the real, raw, natural moments between mom and baby and it was well achieved. To those that find it hard to fit in or schedule a newborn session, these photos just may inspire a comfortable, yet creative alternative!

Tell us all about your new baby!

Bailey: His name is Ingram Taylor Witt, but we call him Gram. His name was inspired by the legendary country music artist, Gram Parsons. He is five months old and developing quite the personality! He is a rambunctious little fella and keeps me busy, but he is also a very happy baby and he is always smiling. Gram has been sleeping through the night since he was about 6 weeks old and his dad, Tyler, and I could not be more thankful. Gram is exclusively breastfed and has been breastfeeding like a champ from the start. We feel very fortunate to have such an easygoing and healthy baby.

How was your pregnancy?

Bailey: My pregnancy was totally unplanned. I still had a year left to finish my bachelor’s degree at the time. Tyler and I always knew we would get married and start a family together, but we wanted to wait until I was done with school. Although Gram was a surprise, I knew we would make it work. I stayed in school my entire pregnancy. Thankfully, my pregnancy was uncomplicated and low risk the entire time. I did have morning sickness up until about 10 weeks and there were many times I had to jump up in the middle of class and run to the bathroom! My professors were super accommodating through it all. I haven’t stopped working towards my degree and I’m set to graduate this fall! Tyler and I are engaged and we are planning a wedding that Gram gets to be a part of soon. The most difficult part of my pregnancy was towards the end with the concerns around covid-19 and the whole world shutting down. My anxiety was through the roof over bringing a baby into this situation. But because of the shutdowns and social distancing, Tyler was able to work from home for a month before my delivery and a month after. He would not have had the same opportunity to support me and bond with our son as he did. It was a blessing during that difficult time.

Tell us about his birth!

Bailey: Gram was born on Easter Sunday, April 12, 2020, at 9:05 am. I was originally going to give birth at St. Thomas Midtown; however, at almost 39 weeks, I decided to transfer care to a midwife and have a home birth. This decision was made partly because of the restrictions in place at the hospital due to Covid-19, and the uncertainty surrounding it during the time. He was born in the comfort of my childhood home- my grandparent’s old house that my fiancé and I now live in. It turned out to be an incredible experience and the best decision for our family. I labored for 9 hours. The atmosphere was exciting and joyful at first, but as I progressed in labor, the mood shifted to focused and serious, calm yet intense. Laboring unmedicated was exhausting and painful, but it was also the most spiritual experience I’ve ever had in my life. My midwife, doula, and Tyler remained unwavering in their support and guidance throughout the whole time. I had a birthing tub in place, but I ended up delivering Gram in our bed. The moment he was placed on my chest for skin to skin, a peacefulness washed over me as I felt relief that it was finally over and he was finally with me. Gram was 22 and a half inches long and weighed 9 lbs and 5 ounces. I couldn’t believe I naturally birthed such a big baby! I have never felt stronger and more empowered in my life .

How have you been doing since he came into your life?

Bailey: I was under the impression that once a woman has a baby that her life is supposed to be completely euphoric and blissful afterwards. While I have definitely felt those things, I realize now that the emotions behind becoming a mother is much more complex and varies from person to person. Initially, I had issues with anxiety when he was a newborn. I was worried that something bad was going to happen to him at any moment. I felt like I couldn’t enjoy my baby and being a new mom. But after reassurance from my midwife that he was perfect and consistent support from my family, those feelings eventually subsided. I now realize the depth and wisdom behind the saying “it takes a village” because, without my village, I would have been completely lost as a first-time mom. Now, my mood is definitely better. I’m taking motherhood in stride and loving time with my son. However, that doesn’t change the fact that it is wearying at times. I miss having the freedom to do things on my own time, and I don’t want my identity to be solely defined by motherhood. I find myself getting upset when Tyler leaves for work, goes to mow the yard, or works on his car because he is not tied-down in the way that I am. Also, now that I am back in school full-time (virtually), I am having trouble focusing and managing my time between being a student and a mom. Despite all of the challenges, being a mom to Gram has been the most rewarding experience of my life. The love I have for my son is the deepest and purest love that exists. My days with him are full of happiness, surprises, and joy in watching him grow and learn new things. I embrace it all.

Did you have a vision for the session?

Bailey: Bethany was the woman with the vision! When she reached out to me, she told me the vibe she was going for and sent me a few pictures for inspiration. Everything that she suggested was right up my alley and I was totally on board. I knew that my parent’s home would be the perfect location for the breastfeeding session because they have lots of windows and the lighting is really good. I loved the idea of a soft and simple breastfeeding session with neutral tones.

What was it like working with your photographer?

Bailey: Working with Bethany was a wonderful experience. She is skilled in capturing the special moments of our session without the pressure of staging or trying to control the scene. Her goal was to capture us completely natural and in our “zone”. Gram was very fussy that morning and there were times that we had to pause to get him settled, yet Bethany never made me feel rushed and always encouraged us to take our time. She advocated for me to do whatever felt the most comfortable and instinctual for us. I highly recommend Five Pence photography, especially for new moms. She knows what she is doing and I am so in love with the photos from our session!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your session or your newborn?

Bailey: I encourage moms to have photography sessions with their babies because having those precious moments documented to look back on is priceless.

These are such wonderful captures! Huge thank you to family photographer Bethany of Five Pence Photography for sharing Bailey and Gram’s in-home breastfeeding session!

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