Woodland Themed Half Birthday Party with Darby Cards

Some-bunny is six months old! In keeping with family tradition, mom and dad threw little Annie an adorable woodland themed celebration! Her half-birthday party included an outdoor get together, a bunny bonnet for the birthday girl, the cutest stationery from Darby Cards, and more! Enjoy scrolling through these highlights of the day below!

How old is your child?

Darby: 6 months

Tell us all about the planning for the birthday party!

Darby: I grew up celebrating half birthdays so it was so much fun to continue the tradition! We themed the party all around little bunnies. Annie’s nursery is woodland themed but heavy on bunnies! I had little bunny figurines placed all over the house with wood rounds and flowers to give everything a woodland feel. Annie wore the cutest little bunny bonnet and for the nieces, I created a hide and seek game with carrot cards. The girls played all afternoon and then moved the game to the backyard after dinner! For dinner, we had sliders (because it is a HALF birthday) and then for dessert, carrot cake!!

What was the theme for the birthday party?

Darby: Some BUNNY is Six Months Old!

Did you do a cake smash?

Darby: No smash cake….waiting for her first birthday!!

Were there any games or activities at the party?

Darby: Hide and Seek! I printed out little carrot cards we would hide and the nieces would find! It was so much fun! Once the sun started to set, we moved the game to the backyard and kept on playing!

Happy half-birthday Annie! What a fun celebration and those Darby Cards fit in so perfectly! Huge thanks to Mom for sharing this day with us!

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