Jack’s 9 Month Photo Session with J. Photography

Ready for some cute photos? We’ve got them! Capturing candid moments in a casual setting, Jack’s 9 month photo session with J. Photography was a success. Mom, Katy wanted to document this stage of Jack’s life with family portraits that would last a lifetime. They kept things natural in an open outdoor setting, allowing for such effortless images. We are loving the outcome and are sure you will too. Keep on scrolling to see the adorableness of this family of three!

Tell us all about your baby and what milestone they hit!

Katy: Jack is almost 10 months old (was 9 months at the time of the photos)! He’s crawling and pulling up on everything! His favorite food right now is pasta with Alfredo sauce and blueberries. He’s also very entertained by his big brother, Otis, the Great Dane.

Why did you decide to do a photo session now?

Katy: We decided 9 months was a good time for a photo session because we could also use them for holiday cards.

What was your vision for the session?

Katy: My vision for every session is always low key and super casual. We like things to look very natural and unposed.

How did your child react during the photo session?

Katy: Baby Jack LOVES Jacquelyn. She makes the best baby noises and always has a ton of ideas on how to make him smile and laugh naturally. I’m never stressed during my sessions with Jacquelyn. She’s such a pro that I know the photos will be something I truly cherish forever!

What was it like working with your photographer?

Katy: Jacquelyn is a dream! She’s my absolute favorite! Truly, I can’t say enough good things about her. She checks in prior to the shoot to make sure we’re all set and answers any questions we might have. During our last shoot, she even offered up her car to us when my husband’s truck had to have a last minute repair. Who does that?! Like I said, she’s truly the best. In the past, I’ve dreaded having photos made, but with Jacquelyn, it’s a completely different experience. We’re so relaxed around her, it’s almost like she’s not even there…in a good way. We always have so many amazing photos to choose from, it’s hard to decide what to have printed!

What are some of your baby’s favorite things at this stage? What are some of your favorite memories?

Katy: Jack really into water faucets and shoelaces at this stage. ? He also love to pull on dresses and hair. My favorite memories right now are how giggly he is! He’s got this adorable laugh and cackle. It warms my heart to hear it!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your session?

Katy: Family photos used to give me so much anxiety. I never liked how they turned out…my hair looked flat, my skin looked dull, my husband’s shirt was wrinkled, we looked uncomfortable or like a bad prom photo, but Jacquelyn has completely changed my mind. I find sessions with her to be so enjoyable! I actually look forward to take photos with her, and they always turn out more beautifully than I could have imagined!

We can feel ALL the love! Thanks so much to mom Katy for sharing Jack’s 9 month photo session with J. Photography with us!

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