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Parent Teacher Conference Event from Piece of Mind Events

With kids participating in online learning these days, it can be hard of parents. As for the last time you probably taught yourself the topics they’re learning…we’re betting it’s been a while! Being a parent is tough as it is, but adding in the role of the teacher too can be extra challenging. Which is why we’re excited to share this Parent Teacher Conference Event from Piece of Mind Events. Owner, Sharde is to thank for this genius idea and she’s sharing all about it below!

Sharde: Have you ever waited for the perfect moment to do something? If so, then you’re like me. I always felt like the pandemic would leave quickly and I was going to host my first event as a celebration of going back to normal life. I knew I wanted to host an event for parents because I think we have had a rough time just like everyone else. In my mind, it would be the first event of the season. So I sat on this idea all summer and into the fall. Just waiting. However, the time for that celebration hasn’t come yet. Another disappointment. The virus is worse than before and it doesn’t look like it’s safe to go anywhere still. So virtual it is.

I realize that life doesn’t present perfect moments. Sometimes you have to just go with it. I know the world is flooded with virtual events and I didn’t want to be just another zoom meeting. But I’m tired of waiting to do what I love and I’m ready to go back to engaging with my community in the ways I used to…even if it does have to take place on Zoom.

Sharde: For that reason, I decided to host The Parent Teacher Conference. In the past I’ve focused on mom-only events, but this one is for every parent. I need a place to lay out my worries and know that other parents are experiencing them too. I need some support. I need to feel like a part of the community that the pandemic has separated me from. 

Let me tell you my story- I’m a parent with three virtual students and one toddler at home. I have no clue if this online learning is helping or hurting them. When I think it’s safe for them to return, the case count rises. We have already been asked to decide if we want our kids to return to school in January and it’s still October. Life is hectic. I have anxiety about how their socializing skills are suffering, especially my toddler who needs to be with kids her own age. I worry that the kids have unlimited access to just about anything on the internet since their school laptops don’t block content. Some days they are on YouTube and other times actually in class. I also just picked up an at-home job which has nothing to do with my passion for event planning, but I need the income. None of this is how I envisioned my life or how I ever thought I’d be raising my kids. 

Sharde: I know I’m not the only person who feels this way. This is just my story, but I bet that parents all over are just as stressed. So this event is for people like me. I need to hear that I’m not crazy. And I want to tell other parents that they aren’t, either. It would give me relief to hear another mom voice her worries as she juggles trying to tutor her kid. I can’t remember the last time I looked at exponents or laws of gravity and maybe someone out there can help explain it to me so I can explain it to my kids. And beyond the basic need to teach them, I know that many parents like myself have the added stress of making online learning fun for our kids. Teachers need raises! I can barely keep the attention of my own kids, and I can’t fathom the thought of having an entire classroom to deal with.

This event is for both the parent and teacher in you. I view this event as both a lifeline and a reward to us parents. We need the communal support (at least I do…I can’t be the only one). We need someone to tell us that it’s hard, and remind one another that we’re doing our best. This will be a safe space for parents who are teaching their kids at home or sending them to school- there has been parent shaming towards those who can’t afford to keep their kids at home, and likewise to those who refuse to put them at risk. This will not happen here. We need an opportunity to feel comfortable, to laugh, smile and have fun. I know for sure we all need a drink. And who doesn’t have a full Amazon shopping cart? 

I want to cover all of this in the Parent Teacher Conference Event. We will talk to one another, hear each other’s struggles, make each other smile, and come out feeling a little bit more prepared to take on another day in this pandemic. There will also be a bartender showing us how to make drinks, and a raffle for a $50 Amazon gift card! I created the event that I as a parent need right now, and I know some others to do. I want to make it as easy and helpful as possible, so all you have to do is register for free on Eventbrite! The event will take place at 6:30 on November 13th, and it will be an hour. Just a little dash of support in your day that’s already dominated by screens. 

See you there!

Huge thanks goes out to Sharde of Piece of Mind Events for putting this parent teacher conference event together and for sharing it with us! If you’re a parent ready to sign up, you can register for free HERE!


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