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Kids Camp and Child Care at Beaches Resorts from 2 Travel Anywhere

What’s a fun time for kids and allows parents to kick their feet up and enjoy their vacation? Kids camp and child care at Beaches Resorts! Whether you have little ones that love doing activities or you just need some quality time with your partner without kids, Beaches Resorts kids camp is included in your all-inclusive stay. The care and attention your kiddos will receive is next level and is catered to all-ages. Plus you can pick and chose days as you feel is best during your stay. Kayla of 2 Travel Anywhere is here to tell us everything we should know. Keep on scrolling to learn more!

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What is Kids Camp is at Beaches Resorts?

Kayla: The Kids Camp at Beaches Resorts is incredible for children and for parents’ peace of mind! Not only does the camp include something for all ages, but Beaches Resorts has completed the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) training and Autism Certification. Some things that make the kids camp a real win for parents is the fact that it is complimentary with your stay! That’s right! It is FREE! Plus, it has every age group starting with the infant program (0-2 years old) and ending with the teen program (15 years old to 17 years old), and all the ages in between. I really love that they separate each age group, that way a small child is not with an older child. The Kids Camp offers age appropriate activities for each group of children. The staff is not only trained, but they are loving and absolutely wonderful with kids. Some kid experiences include costume time, magic shows, arts and crafts, capture the flag and even a teen nightclub for the older children. The Kids Camp is more than just a camp to drop off your kids, it is a full experience for the children so that they can get the most out of their vacation as well.

What does childcare look like at Beaches Resorts?

Kayla: The childcare at Beaches is obviously different for all ages, but something to remember is that every age group is separated into different programs. (Infant 0-24 months Separate Facilities Toddlers 3-4 years Navigators 5-7 years Adventurers 8-10 years Tweens 11-14 years Teens 15-17 years) When it comes to infants, the babies do not have to be potty trained, which is awesome. The Nannies are comfortable with changing the babies and there are also cribs available for nap time as well. In addition to the complimentary Kids camp, there is also private child care available at an additional cost. For special needs children, there is a Kids camp dedicated to special needs; and also a buddy system (one-on-one) for autistic children. Beaches Resorts has honestly thought of everything when it comes to child care, and as I mentioned before, the experience for parents is peaceful because you know your child is well looked after and most of all, safe.

Reasons to Family Vacation at Beaches Turks from 2 Travel Anywhere featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Which Beaches Resorts offer Kids Camp and childcare?

Kayla: All of the Beaches Resorts offer Kids Camp and childcare!! It is wonderful because they all have a ton of child friendly activities and the same certifications at every location.

Are there specific days and times that Kids Camp and childcare takes place?

Kayla: The complimentary option for Kids camp at Beaches resorts takes place 9am-9pm. This can sometimes waiver from 8am-9pm. The children must be picked up before 9pm. The Kids camp also runs everyday, which is nice for the parents because they can either send their kids off everyday for an experience or pick and choose days. However, private childcare can actually occur at any time the parents need it, even overnight, but remember this is an additional cost and depends on Nanny availability.

Is this something you need to schedule before your trip or can you tack this on during your vacation?

Kayla: No! You don’t have to schedule anything before you go on vacation! Everything for children is scheduled on-property, so the parents will complete sign-ups, etc. when they arrive on resort. For the private childcare services, I recommend letting your travel agent know. We will be able to communicate with the property beforehand letting them know that you will need these services on arrival.

Reasons to Family Vacation at Beaches Turks from 2 Travel Anywhere featured on Nashville Bride Guide

What do the kids do during their childcare time or during Kids Camp?

Kayla: Each program is designed for the specific age of the children. For instance, the infant program may be story time with Elmo, and the toddler program may be baking with Cookie Monster. Did we mention that the Sesame Street characters are on property!?! This is a huge bonus for the little ones. Also, as the ages increase, the activities are more focused for that older age; such as beach volleyball, pool games and karaoke.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about Kids Camp and Childcare?

Kayla: The Kids Camp and Childcare is something that is so exceptional at these resorts. The fact that these are built in to the all-inclusive price is unheard of, because on average, a daycare in the states can cost anywhere from $200-$300 a week for lesser hours. As I mentioned before, it not only delivers on experience for the kids, but also peace of mind for the parents—and that is a true vacation.

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