Two-Groovy Retro Birthday Party

Avery’s Two Groovy Birthday Party from Romance & Rust

Peace and love — Avery’s two groovy birthday party is a total vibe! With help from Romance & Rust, mom Sydney was able to bring the “flower child” theme to life through retro decor. Daisies, macrame textures, boho elements and more added to the nifty aesthetic and made for one fantastic celebration that matched Avery’s personality perfectly! Keep on scrolling to see more of this fun-loving birthday party.

Tell us all about the planning for the birthday party!

Kathy (Romance & Rust): Once the theme was decided, Sydney knew she wanted to incorporate daisies which is her favorite flower and their dog’s namesake. Shades of pink, yellow, orange and tan was the chosen color scheme. Guests enjoyed “Groovy Goodies” consisting of cool sunglasses and armbands.

What was the theme for the birthday party? Did you choose it or did your child?

Kathy: The theme of the party was Avery’s” Two Groovy” Birthday Party. She has the cutest personality and the theme just fit. I love boho style, so I was pumped when her mom decided on the theme. A lot of macrame, daisies, and rainbows added to the groovy vibe.

Did you do a cake smash?

Kathy: Peace, Love & Sweets! The macrame cake was a must! The assorted decorated cookies with daisies, peace signs, Volkswagens and cool sunglasses were perfect! The cupcakes with groovy pics were amazing as always. A colorful balloon garland, a handmade tassel garland, a die cast Volkswagen van and bug, and fun party picks created the ultimate groovy dessert bar scene.

Were there any games or activities at the party?

Kathy: There weren’t any games at the party, but there was a really cool photo area, complete with a peacock chair. Avery and her sister, Presley, wore matching “Flower Child” outfits and their mom, Sydney, wore a “Groovy Mama” t-shirt.

What are some fun memories you’ve had of your child at this age?

From Sydney, Mom: From age 1-2 was so much fun! She was running around by this point, full speed ahead. Talking in full sentences and keeping us on our toes. Her personality came in full force. She’s sassy, smart, sweet, funny and gives the best hugs. We wouldn’t have her any other way!

What are you looking forward to in this next year of their life?

Syndey: We are excited to watch her learn more and continue to grow into her own person,

Is there anything else you’d like to share about the birthday?

Sydney: The party was adorable and just what I envisioned! We wanted to do a theme that wasn’t overly common and “Two Groovy” was the perfect fit.

Huge thank you to Romance & Rust for sharing Avery’s two-groovy birthday party with us!

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