In-Home Motherhood Session by Five Pence Photography featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Laid-Back In-Home Motherhood Session with Five Pence Photography

Mom, Alex, wanted to memorialize the time she spends with her son Jack building blocks, reading books, and Jack’s favorite activity, harvesting tomatoes! What better way to do so than with a laid-back in-home motherhood session with Five Pence Photography? Whether they were lounging on the sofa, dancing in the kitchen, or laying in the grass each image shows us the bond between this mother and son in the most effortless of ways. If you love precious moments, you’ll surely enjoy these photos below!

Tell us all about your family!

Alex: My name is Alex, my husband is Joseph and we have one son, Jack and 3 doggos. My husband is in the Army and I am a Therapist.

Why did you decide to do the shoot now?

Alex: Five Pence was offering a special on in home motherhood shoots. I had been following her on Instagram and love how natural and personal her photos felt. I got excited about the idea of having nice photos of Jack and I that capture our relationship and a glimpse of what life looks like right now for us to look back on.

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Alex: I really hoped to just have some unstaged, organic photos of Jack and I together kind of going through our day to day things. We spend a lot of time cuddling, playing and in our little garden and I hoped to have some pictures to look back on of these memories. This is the first home that my husband and I bought together and is also the home we brought Jack home from the hospital to, so it is special to have pictures in our home. With my husband being in the army this is no way our forever home, but definitely a special one! Five Pence captured the simplicity I was hoping for perfectly

How did your kids react during the photo shoot?

Alex: I was slightly surprised how easily Jack carried on as usual! I think it definitely helped to be in the comfort of our own home and she was so personable and let him come to her.

What was it like working with your photographer?

Alex: She was great! She was so responsive and friendly and really made it a nice experience. I appreciated the efforts she took ahead of the shoot to get to know me and Jack and what I was hoping for.

Adorable! Huge thanks to mom Alex for sharing more about her in-home motherhood session with Five Pence Photography with us!


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