Stella Rose Floral centerpieces: Modern Pink Baby Shower from Ninth & Everett

Modern Pink Baby Shower from Ninth & Everett

Ooh la la! Get ready to be obsessed with this modern pink baby shower from Ninth & Everett! When this team of planners found out their good friend and fellow vendor Brandy of Beyond Details was adding to her family, they wanted to celebrate her in the prettiest of ways! They turned to The Bedford for an industrial atmosphere that they accented with wooden and metal textures, eye-catching blooms, and a menu that has our mouths watering. And it really doesn’t get much sweeter than having a darling cotton candy bar display! Games, laughs, and love were enjoyed by all and these photos by Kelsey Leigh Photography are sure to tickle you pink and make you smile!

Tell us all about the baby shower! Where it took place, who was there, etc.!

Josiah: Brandy, the owner of Beyond Details, has been one of my closest vendor friends since I launched Ninth & Everett back in 2015. When we found out that she was pregnant, Amber from my team here at Ninth & Everett thought that it would be an amazing idea to get some of her close vendor friends together to celebrate Brandy and her new addition to the family! The shower happened at The Bedford, and we decided to make it a Sunday Brunch shower! It was so much fun!

Was there a theme? What was the decor like?

Josiah: Brandy loves blush so we decided to keep everything neutral with pops of blush coming through via the florals by Danielle at Stella Rose, and also with some of the amazing in house rentals that The Bedford offers!

Were there any games or activities for guests? Favors?

Josiah: Christina Logan, who is an insanely talented wedding planner here in Nashville had the whole group laughing and smiling as we played “match the celebrity baby with the celebrity parents” and a few other games including one where we used letters from the mom and dads names to create baby name options for them! SO. MUCH. FUN.

Describe how the parents felt and reacted during the shower.

Josiah: Brandy is one of the most selfless people I have ever met. She gives her time and energy to everyone around her so it was amazing to get to see her soaking in a day that celebrated HER. Like with any intimate gathering, its always amazing to sit down at one long table with those closest to you, and I think that she absolutely felt the love that day — so special.

Brandy, we hope you had the best of days! And huge thank you to Josiah of Ninth & Everett for sharing this modern pink baby shower with us! Your work always leaves us stunned and this time was no exception!


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