Five Pence Photography Motherhood lifestyle session featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Motherhood Session by Five Pence Photography

It’s no secret that moms are usually the ones behind the camera; snapping each and every moment of their growing kids. But, it’s just as important to make sure they are in the photos too! This motherhood session by Five Pence Photography features just that! Mom, Nicole wanted to document the moments of her young boys as they played, cuddled, and giggled away the day. After all, these are what kids will remember the most and these photos are proof of just how a moment frozen in time can mean so much!

From Bethany of Five Pence Photography: Mothers spend their time devoted to their children and are usually behind the camera, these are to help moms get in the picture too, to be able to say “Hey, I was there playing with you, reading with you, cuddling with you.”

Tell us all about the family!

Bethany: They are the Nashville duo “ElenOwen” and were featured on” The Voice” a while ago. The family is very loving, relaxed, and playful. The boys stole my heart! Nolan, the oldest, showed me all the buttons on his camera and Zeke held his stuffed dog and lollipop almost the whole session. The ice-cream dance party at the end was not planned, but was so sweet to see, I had to get camera back out!

Why did they decide to do the shoot now?

Bethany: Nicole, like most of us, realized how much time had passed and before she knew it, her boys weren’t babies anymore. There is no time like the present, to BE present and absorb what you can from our precious lives.

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Bethany: Motherhood Sessions are to help put Mom in focus and in front of the camera. I do believe your selfies are important (!) but nothing compares to honest, relaxed, and beautiful portraiture of you loving on your children. My vision is to find out where Mom really wants to be seen, is it the wrestling, the reading, the baking, the breastfeeding? All of it? In this case, Nicole and her two boys wrestle, they all love Star Wars and saber battles, and gathering on the sofa for a good cuddle and read.

How did the kids react during the photo shoot?

Bethany: Nolan and Zeke were so fun! Nolan was a great big brother helping out during the session. I wanted to photograph them in their room which Nolan was really excited about. Kids typically like being able to talk about their space, and if they’re shy, they tend to show me more of their favorite things.

Were there any challenges along the way?

Bethany: This session just started with such a good vibe. Dad was in the kitchen making lunch and serving snacks, and boiling elderberry syrup. Nicole was very relaxed, and the kids always react to how relaxed, or not, mom is.

These are so adorable! Every mom deserves to have portraits like these! Huge thanks to Bethany for sharing them with us. And if you’re a fan of this motherhood session by Five Pence Photography, be sure to check out their website and follow their Instagram!


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