Beaches Resorts Packing List for Family Vacation

Must Haves Traveling to Beaches Resorts…and Things You Actually Don’t Need to Bring

Packing for a vacation with kids can be a lot! Especially when you don’t know exactly what to bring. If you’re traveling to Beaches Resorts, Carlie of 2 Travel Anywhere has a list of must-haves when heading to any of these destinations with kiddos. She also shares some thing you actually don’t need to bring. If you’re ready to eliminate clutter from your suitcase and make the preparation for family vacation easier, keep on scrolling to see the must haves traveling to Beaches Resorts.

Beaches Resorts Packing List for Family Vacation

What are some baby & kid amenities that are provided at Beaches Resorts?

Carlie: A vacation with a baby can involve a lot of planning, but the effort can be well worth the pleasure of a new experience. Think of it this way — once you get to the seashore, you’ll be able to relax (which parents of babies rarely get to do), introduce your baby to new things, and have some fun together as well.

What items would you suggest bringing for babies & kids to Beaches resorts?

Carlie: Things to bring with you:

1. Baby sunscreen. Sunscreen is a must when heading to the beach with children as this can help prevent sunburn and sun damage. This is even more necessary with babies because their skin is extra sensitive and needs to be protected. You’ll have plenty of options to choose from where SPF is concerned, including brands that offer sunscreen just for babies.

2. Swim diapers. Swim diapers are highly recommended for the beach when spending the day there with your baby. Ahead of your beach day, you’ll have the options of disposable swim diapers or reusable ones, and at the end of the day, that decision is entirely up to you. Regardless of which option you go with, pack a few more than you think you’re going to need, you just might be glad you did later.

3. Diaper bags. Diaper bags are one of those things parents can’t do without when going out with a baby. As diaper changes will absolutely be necessary, these will come in handy during a beach day. Diaper bags can even be useful for storing small items, wet swimsuits, or things you need to throw away as you make your way from the beach to home or back to your resort.

4. Baby sun hat. There are many adorable options of baby sun hats that you can choose from for your baby’s day at the beach. The purpose of a sun hat will be to protect your baby’s skin from the sun, especially sensitive areas like their nose and cheeks. When selecting baby sun hats, generally, the wider the better as the best options not only protect a baby’s face but their ears and neck as well

5. Cover-up / rash guard. Cover-ups and rash guards come in handy on the beach to protect your baby’s skin from the sun. This can serve as added protection to sunscreen since, even when it’s carefully applied, some spots can be missed. In addition to keeping your baby’s skin safe, cover-ups and rash guards can help keep sand off your baby’s skin as well.

6. Water/baby milk or formula. Water, baby milk, or formula are some of the things you won’t want to leave behind on a beach day with your baby. You’ll need to ensure you have a well-thought-out supply to keep your baby adequately fed and hydrated as you and your family enjoy a day on the beach together. Bring plenty of water as being on the beach can build up a thirst. Water can come in handy if you run out of milk for your baby, and for other members of the family as well.

7. Cooler bag. A cooler bag is a beach vacation must, and parents will know this all too well. If you’ll be going to the beach with a baby, you can use your beach cooler bag to store essentials like baby milk and water, both of which will need to be kept cool. The cooler bag will help you store these items and keep them at the right temperature until you need to use them.

8. Baby shade tent. A baby shade tent will come in handy on beaches where there isn’t much shade. These can also be useful when you need to do diaper changes, or even lay your baby down for a nap. Most parents find this item to be beneficial and generally easy to set up, particularly with a pop-up-style tent. Most baby beach tents have UV protection built in, but this is something you’ll want to double-check before making a purchase.

9. Baby beach toys. Bringing baby beach toys to the beach is a great idea to keep your baby entertained. From beach buckets that you can fill with a small amount of water for splashing to sand molds and animal toys, your baby will be kept well occupied as they get used to the beach environment. For babies, waterproof bath toys can also be a great option as these can easily be washed off afterward. Take a look at our top picks of toddler toys for a beach vacation, some of which babies will love as well.

Beaches Resorts Packing List for Family Vacation
Beaches Resorts Packing List for Family Vacation

While staying in the room at the resort, are pack ‘n plays or other baby-friendly items provided?

Carlie: Beaches Resorts makes it easy to keep kids occupied with a Kids Camp right on property. Whether you stay at their all-inclusive resort in Turks & Caicos or at one of the Beaches all-inclusive resorts in Jamaica, your kids will be able to spend some time in the Kids Camp where they’ll be supervised by certified nannies and kept busy with age-appropriate activities. Depending on your child’s age they can be enrolled into the Infant Program (0-2), Toddler Program (3-4), Navigators Program (5-7), Adventurers Program (8-10), Tweens Program (11-14), and the Teens Program (15-17). All these options promise good times for your kids, who’ll be able to return home with not just new experiences, but amazing new friendships. More information about the Kids Camps at Beaches.

What are some items you can leave at home?

Carlie: No need to take beach towels they have plenty at the pools and beach to use. What is included? All meals, anytime snacks and fine dining, scuba diving (if certified)*, golf in Jamaica, sailing, water skiing, snorkeling & more. Additionally there’s land sports, luxurious accommodations, wi-fi at in all public areas, and all room categories. Lastly, kids camp with certified nannies, basic wedding package, airport transfers, premium spirits exchange privileges, Beautiful Beginnings Weddingmoon®, all tips, gratuities, and hotel taxes are also included.

(* = Certification card and dive log required.)

Beaches Resorts Packing List for Family Vacation

Any suggestions for packing light when traveling to a Beaches resort?

Carlie: Travel tip for traveling with the kids is to set a sunscreen timer. You might not even have considered this one, but it is worth having a timer to help you remember when it’s time to reapply sunscreen. Your sunscreen bottle will tell you how often you’ll need to reapply, and you can set the timer accordingly. A simple timer on a phone or watch will do, and it’ll work wonders in helping keep you and your baby safe from the sun.

Is there any other advice you can give as to what is needed when packing for a Beaches trip with the kids?

Carlie: Don’t forget your own things when heading out to the beach with your baby. Your mind will likely be preoccupied with making sure you have everything your little one could possibly need. Don’t forget to pack things for yourself as well, like sunscreen, sunglasses, a swimsuit, towels, lip balm, and whatever you’ll need to be comfortable out at the seashore.

Beaches Resorts Packing List for Family Vacation

Huge thank you to Carlie for the advice! If you’re ready to plan your family vacation with the kiddos, contact 2 Travel Anywhere for assistance!

Any other must haves traveling to Beaches Resorts that you’d add to this list? Share with us here or on Instagram!


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