Natalie’s Outdoorsy Maternity Session from SheHeWe Family Photography

When an adventurous + outdoorsy couple is pregnant with baby #2, it’s only natural to take maternity photos in Nashville in a creek! Natalie + Matt were over the moon to find out they were expecting their second child through IVF. Life as a pregnant working mom with a toddler is no joke, so it’s awesome to see Natalie in her element enjoying her baby bump to the fullest surrounded by her husband and son. Keep reading below to learn more about Natalie’s family and see the photos from SheHeWe Family Photography!

Tell us about your family!

Natalie: Matt & I met at Cracker Barrel the week I moved to Nashville (from Ohio) and we’ve been together ever since! We’re both outdoor people and spend as much time as we can traveling, kayaking, hiking, camping, etc. We got married in 2012 and spent most of our pre-baby days on carefree date nights, exploring the National Parks, and planning our future. We struggled with infertility for a few years and thanks to IVF have 2 perfect boys! We are now this wild family of explorers, learning about how to use toddler scissors and why we don’t sit on the floor in public restrooms. Learning to balance the routine of stay at home mom 4 days a week and working mom 3 days a week has been an adventure and really shown me just how much I can handle. We’re excited about our growing family and look forward to adding to it 🙂

What was the moment like when you found out you were pregnant?

Natalie: Well, when you’re at the point of IVF you’ve experienced a LOT of emotion and anticipation. So when we received the phone call that we were pregnant, we just cried and hugged each other. Seriously the best feeling in the world!

How did you announce you were pregnant to your family/friends?

Natalie:With our first son we did a scavenger hunt for my family on Christmas that lead them all around the house until they found a “bun in the oven” with our ultrasound picture. Everyone was so shocked! With our second, we simply sent out a picture of the three of us holding the ultrasound picture.

How has your family reacted to your pregnancy?

Natalie: Everyone has been so supportive and excited!

How has your pregnancy been so far?

Natalie: With this pregnancy I was super exhausted the entire time! (I guess that’s life with a toddler at home) And I got migraines throughout the second trimester. But other than that and the typical pregnancy stuff, it was really great! I LOVE being pregnant. The miracle of life is so exciting and such a blessing to be able to carry & grow my children.

How far along are you in the maternity photos?

Natalie:30 weeks (and on my 31st birthday!)

How did you come up with your concept/location for your photos?

Natalie: Honestly, my photographer Ilde with SheHeWe Photography, is amazing. She knows we love the outdoors so when she mentioned shooting at the creek in her back yard, I excitedly said yes!

What was it like during the shoot working with the photographer?

Natalie: She is very playful and patient and just let us be a family while she snapped the pictures- very organic. And I think that shows in the photos. In the ones with just my husband, it was almost like being on a date. She gave us some pointers on how to hold my belly and flattering ways to turn, but honestly we just held each other and told each other how much we love each other and how excited we are for this new life.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your maternity shoot?

Natalie: Like I said, I really enjoy being pregnant. And for a long time I wasn’t sure this day would come. I didn’t do a maternity shoot with my first son and I regretted it. This is honestly my favorite photo shoot we’ve ever done and every time I see these pictures I about cry with the overwhelming feeling of gratitude.

Thank you so much to Ilde with SheHeWe Family Photography for sharing these photos and for Natalie to share her touching story with us! If you’re looking to take maternity photos in Nashville, definitely consider SheHeWe!


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