Meet Nashville Family Photographer, Meredith Teasley

Planning a family photography session can be stressful at times… what to wear, coordinating schedules, but most of all, the unknown of whether or not your kids will behave during the shoot. Which leads to… will the photos turn out? Hiring an amazing family photographer in Nashville is key in this process – someone who knows how to direct you (and your kids) to get the best shots possible. And it even helps if they have kids themselves and “get it”. Yep. Well let me tell you who can check all of those boxes for you – Meredith Teasley Photography! Her timeless approach to photography and attention to detail is sure to deliver beautiful photos that stand the test of time and capture the essence of the season you’re in. Keep reading our interview below to learn more!

Tell us about Meredith Teasley Photography! How long have you been in business?

Meredith: I’m a family photographer based out of Nolensville. I’ve been in business since 2011. I am a wife and a mom to 3 little ones. When my first was born, I transitioned into doing more work with photography in order to stay home with her! Since then, my business has continued to grow. I now offer in-home lifestyle newborn photograph, family portrait photography outdoors, and I also do wedding photography!

What made you want to work with families?

Meredith:I have always loved working with people! When I started in photography, I wanted to work with families and kids… but now, having young children of my own, I enjoy relating to parents, sharing struggles, and reassuring new moms who are in the thick of things!

What is the philosophy behind Meredith Teasley Photography?

Meredith: My philosophy is that each season of life is so fleeting. I want to capture memories for families of those special moments, whether it’s the addition of a new child, or a yearly Christmas card photo. I strive to create an incredible experience for families which means even if they show up stressed and exhausted, everyone leaves their session excited to see the finished product, and confident that investing in family photos was the right decision! 🙂

What are your strengths compared to other family photographers?

Meredith: I have 3 kids of my own, so I 100% “get it” when families are stressed and frustrated that everyone’s not on their best behavior! I’m a fun yet calming presence, and always strive to provide an excellent finished product for my clients. I have an eye for details, and don’t mind being directive.

What attracts parents to work with you?

Meredith: Most families I work with are looking for a photographer with experience and confidence in their craft, who is not afraid to direct you where to stand and what to do, while providing a fun experience for your family! My work and my personality lead to many word-of-mouth referrals, and I love connecting with friends of clients this way.

What are some cool new and innovative trends you’ve seen in family photography?

Meredith: I am excited to begin offering in-studio heirloom portraits (in color and black & white) for families who are looking for an heirloom print of their little ones. This is a classic, but recently revived trend in the industry, and is perfect for the sitter (around 6 months) through elementary-aged child.

Meredith! Thank you so much for sharing all about your Nashville family photography business with us! You can check out more on Meredith Teasley Photography on her site or visit her Instagram page!


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