New Mama Gift Guide for The Holidays

If your a mom-to-be or know a lucky lady that’s expecting, then make way for this new mama gift guide for the holidays! This time of year is so special and a great to spoil everyone, but especially pregnant or newly promoted moms! From self care pieces and items that allow you to enjoy your pregnancy journey to postpartum must-haves including goodies The Stork’s Warehouse — we’ve really covered it all! But don’t just take our word for it. Keep on scrolling to discover great gift ideas!

  1. Belly Buds
  2. Nursing Robe
  3. The Stork’s Warehouse Postpartum Gift Box
  4. Expecting Parents Mug Gift Set Box
  5. Earth Mama Gift Set
  6. Silk Sleep Mask
  7. Pregnancy Journal
  8. Photo Book
  9. Birth Flower Necklace
  10. Hatch Sound Machine/ Night Light

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Growing a baby is hard work! We hope this new mama gift guide for the holidays made it easier for you to tell friends and family what you’d like for the holidays and took one less thing off your plate.

Be sure to share this with other mama’s and let us know on Instagram what else is on your wish list this holiday season!

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