One Month Old Milestone Session with Cayleigh Ely Photography

We love a good in-home family session! Especially when they document such momentous occasions. Miles James’ parents connected with Cayleigh Ely Photography for a one month old milestone session that’s as darling as can be. Their sweet boy looked so adorable as he posed with mom and dad. He held their hands, embraced all the kisses, relaxed in his safari nursery, and even got some sunshine outside — making for the cutest of captures. Enjoy this little slice of heaven as you scroll!

From the photographer: Little Miles James turned one month old! It was a little chilly outside so we opted for an in home session which provided a little glimpse in to their life as a new family! Mom & Dad are so happy and in love with their new baby, even if he was a little fussy for the majority of the session. Once we had some sunshine in the backyard we hopped out there for a few photographs and some vitamin D and Miles relaxed a little bit…I think he liked it!

Tell us all about your new baby!

Miles has been such a blessing and joy to our family. He is our first child and it has been so fun watching him grow and develop his personality. He loves to laugh and smile so much that his grandpa gave him the nickname “Smiles”. He turns one at the end of September and has been trying to walk around and climb on everything. He loves saying dada and playing outside.

How was your pregnancy?

My first and second trimester was great and flew by. At about 32 weeks I was diagnosed with gestational hypertension which eventually turned into preeclampsia. Over the last month of my pregnancy, there were many doctor appointments and hospital trips checking my blood pressure and making sure Miles was doing good. My husband was such a trooper during this crazy time. At 35 weeks my doctor decided it was safer for Miles and me to induce labor.

Tell us about his/her birth!

Miles’s birth was a long and emotional 2 day rollercoaster. I was induced for high blood pressure and started the magnesium drip, which was very painful and gave me the worst headache. It was then a very slow process dilating and managing the headache. My doctor started noticing Miles’s heart rate drop when I would dilate. My husband, Joey, and I were very worried that something was wrong. At 7.5 cm dilated, I remember looking at Joey and saying that I thought something was wrong. Just after saying that, a team of doctors and nurses rushed saying they lost Miles’s heartbeat. They started flipping me all around and after what seemed like forever, finally found it. My doctor then decided on an emergency c-section. We found out the umbilical cord was tightly wrapped around Miles’s neck and under his arm. Our nurse said he possibly would not have made it if we chose to not do the c- section, so we thank God everyday he is here and healthy.

How have you been doing since he/she came into your life?

My husband and I couldn’t love him more. He is our whole world. I am blessed to be working part time to be able to spend time with him. When I am working, my mother and mother in law keep him which we are so grateful for.

Did you have a vision for the newborn session?

Yes, I had inspirational pictures of what I wanted our session to look like including his safari themed nursery, family pictures and portraits of just Miles. Cayleigh Ely Photography captured my vision so well.

What was it like working with your photographer?

She was so patient with Miles and took such beautiful pictures that we will cherish forever! We love her and cannot thank her enough. She also took Miles’s 6 month pictures and planning to take his one year pictures soon.

Absolutely adorable! Huge thank you to Cayleigh Ely Photography and this wonderful family for sharing Miles James’ one month old milestone session with us.

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