Our Favorite Organic Food Products for Kids

Whether your baby is about to begin the journey of eating food or you’re looking to implement better options into their ever changing lifestyle, we’ve rounded up our favorite organic food products for kids. Keep on reading to see why we love each brand and how they differ from one another!

1.Sprout Organics

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Make mealtime tasty, fun, and convenient for all! From dairy-free, protein, travel options and more, their collections have something for everyone

2. Earth’s Best

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They have unique flavor combinations and something for every stage, with the mission to “provide better-for-baby products that are pure, safe and sustainable.”

3. Little Spoon

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This brand offers a variety of blends from purees to chunkier textures. They also offer toddler and kids meals!

4. Yumi

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Whole foods for every stage with exposure to lots of textures and tastes!

5. Serenity Kids

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From puff to pouches – this brand contains ethically sourced meat and veggies; ensuring your little one is getting the best of the best!

6. Happy Baby Organics

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Many different, flavorful pouches that are easy for on the go with recipes included on every pouch for transparency of ingredients.

7. Ella’s Kitchen

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With a mission to have little one’s grow up loving good food, they combine good looking food with amazing smells and sounds to get the senses really going!

What are some of your favorite organic food products for kids that you’d add to this list?

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