Primm Family Photos from Elle Jackson Photography

Full of cuteness and adorable moments, this in-home family photo session of the Primm family is giving us a healthy dose of love and laughter! Elle Jackson Photography captured the group in their natural element, bringing out the best smiles in these heartwarming photos. Keep scrolling to see some of our favorites and learn more about the day!

Tell us all about your family!

Brooke: Hi I’m Brooke, mom, JP, daddy and our girls the younger one is Boston and older is Kylee. We just welcomed our son into the world October 21st, Jagger. Our family is always on the go! JP is a collegiate level basketball official who had a 6 year professional basketball career hisself traveling to other countries to play basketball as well as playing a little here in the states at the pro level. I am a realtor who has a great passion for helping others!

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Brooke: I wanted photos that captured our laid-back family and our photographer captured my vision perfectly.

How did your kids react during the photo shoot?

Brooke: They love the camera!, so they actually asked to set up their own shots and wanted the most camera time lol

Were there any challenges along the way?

Brooke: Hiding my growing belly lol my pregnancy wasn’t the focus of this shoot

What was it like working with your photographer?

Brooke: She is amazing! She really is a pro working with littles to get them to cooperate. What I love about her is that she captured natural unstated moments. Real life. She gets shots of the kids in their natural element and the results show. Happy kids just being themselves and she captures the best images!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your photo session?

Brooke: Couldn’t be happier. And loved that we could do it in our environment!

Big thanks to Brooke and the Primm family for sharing such special photos with us! You can see more of Elle Jackson Photography HERE.


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