Ashton’s Gender Reveal from Eucharisteo Films

Surrounded by nature’s greenery and a whole lot of love, Ashton’s gender reveal could not have been more adorable. It was simple and yet so beautiful. Eager to find out, they popped a balloon filled with confetti and celebrated. Pink or blue?! Watch this sweet video by Eucharisteo Films to find out!

Tell us all about your gender reveal party/shoot!

Ashton: My husband and I gathered our closest family and friends at a nearby park for our gender reveal. We held a black balloon filled with pink confetti and had our daughter pop it. My husband filled the balloon because he was the only one who knew the gender. He found out at the ultrasound and it was really sweet for him to be the first to find out as a way of bonding with the baby. We already had names picked out which made it extra special to be able to share our baby’s name with our loved ones after finding out the gender.

What made you decide to do a gender reveal?

Ashton: I wanted to know my baby’s gender as soon as I could so I could name her and imagine what she’ll look like. It’s important to me to be able to celebrate who my baby is, which is why I wanted to do a gender reveal.

How did you decide the method in which you would do the gender reveal?

Ashton: I wanted something simple and that my four year old could easily participate in, and also fun for pictures/video.

Did you have any inkling of what the gender would be before it was revealed?

Ashton: I went back and forth the entire time until right before I found out. My inkling before the reveal was correct!

How do you feel about the result?

Ashton: Overjoyed! I absolutely love being a girl mom and I’m so excited for my eldest daughter to have a little sister.

How did your friends and family react?

Ashton: They were thrilled! And not too surprised because girl genes run strong in my family.

What was it like in that moment of surprise?

Ashton: Surreal! I couldn’t believe I get to be a mom of two beautiful girls.

Tell us about the decor!

Ashton: I like to keep it simple with a little something special. We were at a park full of trees, dressed in neutrals, and the confetti inside the balloon was pink and gold.

How has your pregnancy been so far?

Ashton: Wonderful! I haven’t had any complications or issues. My biggest and mainly only complaint is feeling tired and uncomfortable at times. I’m thankful for an easy pregnancy!

Are you anticipating the birth?

Ashton: Yes! I love birth. It’s so beautiful and an incredible experience/bonding process with my baby. I plan to have a home birth!

What a beautiful, growing family and such a special moment!! Thanks to Ashton and Eucharisteo Films for sharing this cute gender reveal!


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