Quarantine + Graduation Mommy & Me Session

Capturing the sweetest of moments, Darien Photography used her talents to document mom Marisa’s huge achievement. After her husband passed away, Marisa continued to push through school to earn her bachelors degree all for her sweet little boy. And she did it! If that isn’t love, we’re not quite sure what is! Enjoy these photos of this mommy and me session that are sure to make warm your heart!

Darien: I have a degree in journalism, so I believe that photography is an amazing tool to document our milestones for generations to come. Now that we are living through an historic season worldwide, I wanted to use my talent as a photographer to document people staying at home. So, last Spring, I started offering “pay what you can-quarantine sessions” I wanted to capture their stage in life and find the positive and constant in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.

Marisa first reached out to me during my Quarantine Porch Sessions: “Last time we had photos done, he was an infant.” These Spring sessions became the highlight of this crazy 2020. But this one in particular felt extra special because she chose to capture a “Mommy & Me” session on Mother’s Day, and it was their first photo session since her son was an infant and since she became a widow. Marissa wanted her Mother’s Day pictures taken at Warner Park, because she takes Wallace there often. Her session became one of my favorites. When I take photos of people, I believe that composition is important, but to capture spontaneity and emotion is what I am after with my portraits. I believe that images can become your love legacy; so, Marisa’s reaction to her sneak peeks meant so much to me:
“I am in tears. I cannot thank you enough. Our family is so small now but you captured it so perfectly. Thank you will never mean how I actually feel for these photos!!!”

She reached out again this summer: “Darien, you did such an amazing job with our family photos. I have been blown away by how talented you are and how well you run your business. I was wondering if I could schedule my graduation photos with you? I just recently finished my bachelor’s degree, and although the ceremony was canceled, I will want to celebrate in some way as this way a huge accomplishment for me. I refused to drop out when my husband passed and I finally finished! I will be started graduate school in august, so I just wanted some simple photos with my son and I to document the small success! Thank you so much for everything!”

Darien: For her graduation pics we went to Downtown Nashville’s Cumberland Park. She wanted to have the iconic buildings as her backdrop and Wallace loved the location as much as he likes Warner Park. These two sessions took place months apart, but I put them together because sometimes I do lifestyle sessions where I follow a couple or a family to their favorite places in one day. I wanted to show a perfect sample of how I focus on people, their favorite places and the spontaneous moments, kisses, hugs, all those sweet moments that make relationships stronger and feed our soul with positiveness, especially during these unprecedented times.

Darien: For a very limited time (8/28 to 9/22) I am offering again PAY WHAT YOU CAN – Quarantine Porch Sessions, for Nashville, Bellevue and Franklin families. I am keeping my distance to more than 6 feet apart and I am not touching anything or anyone. The link to sign up is here!

Congratulations Marisa! And huge thank you to Darien Photography for sharing this beautiful mommy and me session with us. We couldn’t feel more honored to help spread the love of this milestone through these beautiful captures!

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