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Raise Hell Praise Dale: Reign’s Third Birthday Bash Celebrates Speed and Style

Reign, the little speedster with a love for monster trucks and everything fast, recently celebrated her third birthday in style. As her mom, the mastermind behind Busy Raisin Hell events, orchestrated the celebration, every detail reflected Reign’s adoration for speed and her dad’s unwavering devotion to Dale Earnhardt. Reign’s birthday extravaganza spared no expense in capturing the essence of her vibrant personality. The event featured an array of delights, including an impressive tent design, a lively bounce house, captivating face painting sessions, and a host of other bespoke details that left guests in awe. As Reign zooms into her next year, let the gallery of inspiration take you on a thrilling ride through her unforgettable birthday bash.

From Whitney (mom): I own Busy Raisin Hell, LLC. A Nashville based party planning company. We plan parties of all sorts. I also have a daughter named Reign. Each year we throw a HUGE bash and this year was nothing short of spectacular.

She’s obsessed with Monster Trucks, Race cars and anything that is loud and fast! Her Dad was a die hard Dale Earnhardt Fan. This year she turned 3, so we tagged this years party as a play on my company name, her love of race cars and her age. Raise Hell Praise Dale, Reign Turns 3 ( Dale’s race car was #3)

Whitney: From her custom outfit, made with vintage fabrics to her multiple cakes coming from all of our favorite bakers to our annual air-brushed t-shirts, we love a reason to make all the details matter. Many of our vendors are some of my trusted partners in the event business so each year, I like to bring them in to celebrate this special day for our little girl. The tent design was one of my favorites, we worked hours on the design and install. We even hosted wine tasting for the adults. Face painting, is always so fun for the kids, the bounce house is a no brainer and the acrylics of the plant stakes, photo backdrop, award necklaces for the kids, and drink stirs really helps bring the entire concept together.

How fun is this third birthday bash?! Thanks so much to Busy Raisin Hell for sharing this special (and incredibly fun) celebration!

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