Raynah's 6 Year Photo Shoot with CeMe Photography featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Raynah’s 6 Year Photo Shoot with CeMe Photography

Capturing her sweet smile and darling personality, Raynah’s 6 Year photo shoot with CeMe Photography is sure to bring a smile to your face. While naturally more shy, Crystal was able to bring out the best of Raynah with angelic details and rustic vibes all in the natural setting of the outdoors. Mom, Margy, couldn’t be happier with how the photos turned out, and we can’t blame her for thinking so! Check out what she had to say about the session along with some of the cutest pictures below!

Tell us all about your child and what their age is!

Margy: Raynah Isobela is 6 years old and she loves ballet, tap dancing and karate. She has a beautiful voice and can hold melody when I harmonize with her, which is rare for a child. She is very nurturing and loves to help people.

Why did you decide to do a photo session now?

Margy: Crystal (the photographer) offered to do the shoot for Raynah’s birthday. She envisioned her in angel wings and knew exactly where she wanted to shoot Raynah and everything.

What was your vision for the session?

Margy: To let Raynah be herself and not get in the way of the photographer or my daughter lol. I know that Raynah usually is a shy little girl, but she likes Crystal so I knew she would be able to get really awesome shots and since I could never afford to do something like this, it worked out beautifully.

How did your child react during the photo session?

Margy: She loved it! She loved posing and working with Crystal. She was a little cold for part of it, but she handled it really well and didn’t let that get in the way of the shots Crystal wanted to take for her. She can’t wait to do it again!

What was it like working with your photographer?

Margy: Crystal was awesome with her and she captured some great moments! She kept showing me her shots and I was crying for half the time just thinking about how beautiful she is.

What are some of your child’s favorite photos?

Margy: She loved the angel wings and the swing!

Raynah’s 6 year photo shoot with CeMe Photography is proof that you’re never too old or too young to strike a pose in front of the camera! Thank you to Margy, Raynah, and Crystal for sharing this adorable session!


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