Gorgeous Pastel 1st Birthday Party featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Gorgeous Pastel 1st Birthday by Dolly Delong

Bright, airy and filled with the softest colors, this gorgeous pastel 1st birthday by Dolly Delong Photography is what birthday dreams are made of. When (mom) Megan’s dreams of having a little girl came true, she knew just how she would celebrate her precious baby girl’s first birthday. Like a true southern host, she thought of every detail and filled her home with muted shades of the rainbow all inspired by a special piece of clothing exclaiming “every day is a gift.”

Dolly: I have been photographing the Dacus family for many of their major family milestones ever since Megan’s (mom) boys have been very little. So when Megan announced she was pregnant with her FIRST girl, everyone knew this was a big deal because when she was first pregnant with her oldest son (Harper) the doctor’s told her that Harper was supposed to be a girl (so she emotionally prepared for a girl) but sometimes the doctor’s scanning labs can be wrong, so when she realized she wasn’t having a girl, she had to put off the dream of having a girl for over 7 years (now, keep in mind, Megan is one of the BEST Boy moms out there, and she goes all out for her sons) but there is just something sweet about a Mother-Daughter relationship and she had been waiting so long for a little girl to come to her way! 

Dolly: In 2019 Megan gave birth to Collins Marie and literally all of her southern mom dreams have blossomed into reality. Before she even was halfway through her pregnancy with Collins, she even dreamed up her 1st birthday party theme based on her favorite clothing company “The Beaufort Bonnet Company” because they came out with a little gift pattern on a dress called “every day is a gift”. Megan loved the dress pattern, the dress and everything so much that she instantly bought it for Collins (again, even though she was barely halfway through her pregnancy) and decided she was going to base her entire 1st birthday off of this pattern and dress from The Beaufort Bonnet Company! 

Dolly: The primary colors of this birthday revolved around the Spring pastel palette of green, pink, purple and blue. It was beautifully coordinated with several stations for little ones to play in (like a pop-up tent, a coloring activity table, and a snacking area). It also catered to parents as well so that they could mix and mingle and celebrate Collins! 

In Megan’s words “I have basically been praying for a girl for my entire life so after she was born I truly felt like every day is a gift and I couldn’t think of anything else more fitting for her first birthday.”

Wrap this up and put a bow on it because being able to share Collins Marie’s gorgeous pastel 1st birthday by Dolly Delong Photography is such an honor! Huge thanks to mom Megan and Dolly Delong for sharing it with us! And as for you, Collins Marie – Happy 1st Birthday, sweet girl!


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