Reagan’s Lavender Field 6 Month Photos

Oh for the love of babies and lavender! I am so thrilled to feature my dear friend Christina’s daughter Reagan today – her 6 month photo session took place in a lavender field. I squealed just a bit with the thought and detail that was put into the session to make the perfect baby photos. Reagan’s adorable lavender outfit and baby flower crown were perfectly paired with the beautiful lavender field backdrop. I’ll let Christina tell you all about beautiful baby Reagan and the session with Evie Lynn Photography below!

Tell us all about Reagan and how old she is!

Christina: My baby’s name is Reagan Quinn Daigle. She is now 8 months old, but the photos were to document her half of a trip around the sun! At 6 months she was just starting to attempt to sit. It is amazing to me to look at these pictures now, just two months later, and see all the milestones she has hit since then! She is now crawling (hello, baby-proofing!) and starting to pull up to stand.

Why did you decide to do a photo session now at 6 months?

Christina: I knew when I was pregnant that I wanted to capture the major milestone ages and hopefully stay with the same photographer throughout the process. The shoot is from when Reagan was turning 6 months old. Reagan was just starting to attempt to sit at this age and it actually worked out well with the timing, as my photographer, Evie Deaton, had just announced she was going to be doing some mini photo sessions at a local lavender farm.

What was your vision for the session?

Christina: The farm is beautiful and Evie has a wonderful collection of props to use. She told me that she had a miniature crib to use and recommended I take a look at flower crowns since we were surrounded by all the pretty lavender plants. I searched high and low for the perfect outfit and luckily found it right at one of my favorite local baby clothing stores, Small Town Charm. I love the Pink Chicken brand and the print was perfect. I then looked at the Etsy links Evie had sent to me for the flower crowns and settled on Avry Couture Creations. I sent them a pic of the outfit and they created a perfectly matching flower crown sized for a 6 month old.

How did Reagan react during the photo session?

Christina: The perfect time of day to shoot at the farm coincided with Reagan’s “baby quiet time” where she settles down for the evening so I was a little worried how she might respond. She is typically very photogenic with Mommy, but a photographer in a strange setting could be a different story! Reagan was also just starting to figure out how to sit unassisted. I was worried! It turned out absolutely fine – Reagan had some smiles, and also some tears, but Evie was very quick to capture many images we loved. I am sure it was quite a scene with both Evie and I leaping over lavender plants trying to get Reagan to look our way and smile.

What was it like working with Evie Lynn Photography?

Christina: I am so lucky to have found Evie! Reagan was due New Years Eve and we knew we were going to be induced sometime before or after Christmas. There are so many talented photographers in our area. I quickly was drawn to one that unfortunately was not available around the holidays. She did, however, highly recommend Evie Lynn Photography and Evie was available around the time we expected Reagan to arrive. We were thrilled with our newborn photos and the whole photo shoot experience. It is hard to take your newborn to a studio and trust them with a stranger handling them and posing them for the photos. Evie is so patient with babies and it really shows in her work with how they respond to her. She put me right at ease.

What are some of Reagan’s favorite things at this stage? What are some of your favorite memories?

Christina: Reagan had really become aware of her surroundings and was, and still is, very curious. She had also started to develop her personality. She is the funniest thing one minute giggling and the next she is very seriously studying something with great intent. She loves touching and tasting everything! Around this time we had enrolled her in both swim lessons and music class, which was neat to see her react to both experiences. We also went on our first family vacation to Florida when she turned 6 months and she proved to be a traveling pro!

Thanks for sharing all about Reagan’s lavender field session with us, Christina! You can find more on their photographer Evie Lynn Photography HERE. 🙂

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