Relaxed In-Home Family Session with Five Pence Photography

Before making the move from Tennessee to Texas, the Purkey family wanted Five Pence Photography to document some memories. They reached out to Bethany who made their relaxed in-home family session a dream come true. From the texture and movement to the realness and energy from their little ones, each image is as authentic as the next. Be they cuddling on the bed, posing in the living room, or embracing their green thumbs, you’re going to love how natural and fun-loving this gallery is!

Tell us all about the family!

From the photographer, Bethany: Voss and Allie were stationed at Fort Campbell, but they were a month from moving back to Texas as Voss was leaving the Army for civilian life. They are a calm, loving, Montessori, baby-wearing, and, now, beach-bum family!

Why did they decide to do the shoot now?

Bethany: Allie met me a year or so before at the Miss Lucille’s Girl Gang event where I was set up. She said she knew then and there she wanted me to be her family photographer.

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Bethany: I always just try to make beautiful photos using light and textures and showing your connection to your family.

How did the kids react during the photo shoot?

Bethany: Awesome! Agatha went right in, and Mars is the easiest baby!

Special thanks to Five Pence Photography for sharing the Purkey’s relaxed in-home family session!

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