The Meibers’ Newborn + Family Photo Session from SheHeWe Family Photography

Oh the sweet Meibers family! Baby Emmie was born and poof, their family went from three to four. It’s so fun to see big sis Hadley loving on her new little sis. Her expressions are the best! Ilde of SheHeWe Family Photography captured their personalities so well along with some beautiful newborn photos of Emmie. Read all about their story below!

Tell us all about your family!

Claire: Miles and I have been in Nashville for almost ten years and met while working together at the Conexess Group, a staffing firm. Miles is a partner with the company and I continue to work part time when time allows, but with an 18 month old and a 3 year old, I stay extremely busy! We recently moved to Thompsons Station from Sylvan Park after building a new house. Our girls love all the farm animals we see nearby as well as all the wildlife in our backyard! Hadley turned three in March and was our first love. She is big sister to Emerson (“Emmie”) who just turned 18 months and adores her big sister. They are polar opposites – Hadley is blonde and blue eyed, cautious and thoughtful, sweet, sensitive and a rule follower; Emmie is a curly headed brunette with super dark brown eyes – she’s our wild child! She doesn’t accept boundaries, she’s boisterous and extremely outgoing, but is a big cuddler and so loving. At 20 months apart, our hands are full but we couldn’t have been blessed with a better set of girls.

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Claire: I tend to prefer more lifestyle type photos and I think Ilde does an amazing job capturing some of those real moments alongside traditional posed family shots. I wanted some beautiful pictures to remember when Emmie was new because babies change so quickly! I also wanted to have pictures of our girls when they were basically both still babies together (Emmie was less than 2 weeks and Hadley was only 20 months old.)

How did your kids react during the photo shoot? Were there any challenges along the way?

Claire: Emmie was pretty easy going and slept most of the time. Hadley loved the attention and sort of bounced off the walls at times 🙂 The biggest challenge was asking a 20 month old to remain calm, hold still and pose. Yeah right!

What was it like working with SheHeWe Photography?

Claire: Ilde is WONDERFUL! I knew she took fabulous wedding photos because SheHeWe shot two of my closest friends’ weddings, but I had no idea how good she was with children. She knows exactly what to do to make a child smile and pay attention and has no fear in acting silly to make your child comfortable. She also shot Hadley’s one year photo session and those were fantastic photos as well! We love her.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your photo session?

Claire:Some people don’t think newborn sessions are necessary, but I truly treasure having these photos because it floors me sometimes when I look at how tiny my girls were and it takes me back to those moments when they were brand new to us and the world! It’s really special.

Ahhh these babies are just so cute! Thank you so much to Ilde from SheHeWe Photography and to Claire for sharing her family’s story!


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