Through the window family photoshoot by Elaine Drabik Photography featured on Nashville Bride Guide

Through the Window Family Photo Shoot by Elaine Drabik

With social distancing taking place, the thought of capturing family moments seemed impossible to some. However this through the window family photo shoot by Elaine Drabik Photography is showing a sense of creativity through the rather strange times. After Megan of Locklane Events saw that Elaine had an opening for a session on her sweet daughter’s birthday, she knew it was the perfect time to document the occasion and have these photos to share with their daughters in the years to come. They posed behind the bay window of their home and the smiles, hugs, and kisses between the family of four were caught with perfection. Get inspired by this creative family lifestyle shoot in the photos below!

Tell us all about your family!

Megan: Blake and I have been married for almost 9 years and we have two girls, Ellery (4) and Audrey (1). We live in Franklin and just moved to our forever home last summer, but have been in the same neighborhood for eight years! We have a dog, Charlie (who was not interested in the photoshoot) and a cat, Mo (who was also not interested, but forced into the photos!).

Why did you decide to do the shoot now?

Megan: We had only been quarantined for a week when I was scrolling through a Franklin mom’s Facebook group and saw a few talking about front porch shoots. I loved the idea of documenting our family living through a pandemic – as weird that sounds. My girls are too young to remember this time later on, but I want them to look back at photos and know that we did our part to stay home and stay safe. I also wanted photos that were respectful of the gravity of this time. When I saw Elaine post a few that she had taken “Through the Window,” I absolutely loved it.

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Megan: Another mom shared photos Elaine captured of her son blowing out his birthday candles and when I saw that Elaine had an opening on my daughter Ellery’s birthday, I knew that I wanted to do that. We were supposed to have a Frozen-themed, outdoor party with our family friends and Ellery’s ballet friends. We postponed as soon as concerns about COVID-19 came out, but then had to cancel all-together. Having a mini-shoot on her birthday made Ellery feel special. We made her cake together that morning and she picked out the matching outfits for her and her sister. I really love the bay window in our kitchen and the kitchen table is where we spend a lot of our time, so it was an easy choice for our “spot.” We were going to keep it pretty casual, but Ellery loves to dress up so she pretty well dictated our wardrobe! Sitting on chairs and having the girls sit on the table, mostly helped with the keeping us close to the window (Elaine had to fight the awful window glare), but ended up being a foreshadowing of our quarantine… It has become Audrey’s favorite pastime to climb up on a chair and then onto the table, and just sit in the window. I’m definitely cleaning our table more than anything in our home!

What was it like working with your photographer?

Megan: Elaine was great! She jumped right into shooting, it took no time at all, and we loved every last photo. Seriously, there was not a single photo where I wished someone was smiling or looking, etc. It was perfect.

These photos are the absolute cutest! What a great idea! Huge thank you to Megan for sharing this through the window family photo shoot by Elaine Drabik Photography with us!


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