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Wardrobe Styling Services from Jamie Hunt Photography

What you wear during a photo session can impact the outcome of your photos greatly! For some, this may be overwhelming — not knowing what outfits to dress your kids in while figuring out what you’ll wear yourself…all while trying to make everyone look cohesive. Talk about tiring! This is why one local family photographer decided to add something to her services to take the guess work out of ALL of this. Wardrobe styling services from Jamie Hunt Photography guides clients into the looks their going for while eliminating the stress of doing so. Find out why Jamie offers this along with some great advice below!

Tell us more about your wardrobe styling services!

Jamie: First of all, I don’t think everyone understands the importance of wardrobe in your photography sessions. Wearing the right clothing helps create a certain feel to the images. Wearing a white t-shirt and jeans is going to make your photos look WAY different than if you wore a flowy neutral dress. It’s all about what you want your final image to look like. I offer each client that books a full session access to my client closet which is full of beautiful dresses for ladies, outfits for little boys and girls, babies, and a few items for the men as well. I realize that photos are an investment in themselves so I want to help alleviate any extra costs endured as well as the stress of coordinating outfits for everyone!

Why did you choose the items in your collection for photo purposes?

Jamie: I handpick all my items in my client closet to ensure that they are flattering on everyone! Most dresses fit a wide range of women, accommodate baby bumps, and are dresses that you may not want to purchase for your own use. I also choose colors and textures that represent my brand of images. I do not have embroidered, smocked outfits or “church” outfits, rather a more casual for men, and a more romantic bohemian look for women and kids. I want all my clients to know what they are getting when they book me, I want them to give them consistency to what they see on my instagram feed, and in order to do so, outfits need to fall in line!

Why is it important for mamas to opt for this service?

Jamie: Having this service for my clients eliminates the stress of having to pull everything together on their own and wondering if it will all look good together or work with my editing style. I provide ways to utilize what you already have, complimented with what I have and ways to easily get whatever else you may need! I’ve also seen too many people unsatisfied with their images and what it really came down to is what they were wearing, so I provide this to help make sure that doesn’t happen.

Can you walk us through the process of wardrobe styling for your clients?

Jamie: Once you have booked with me, I send over a client guide as well as access to Style and Select service which utilizes images of all my items in my closet in combination with items the client can purchase through direct links to the stores or supplement with items they already have at home. Using this process ensures that everyone is coordinated and your images will be gorgeous!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about this service?

Jamie: If you look at your photographer and their style, you want to make sure to match to ensure your images are ones that you desire. I would not book a photographer who’s portfolio is full of bright images if I wanted soft muted ones and likewise, I wouldn’t book a moody photographer if I wanted to wear Matilda Jane! So, if you come to me, I’m going to recommend you wear neutrals, solids combined with patterns, layers and textures. I provide many options to help this all come together. I like movement of long flowy dresses for the ladies and a casual sweater, or henley tee for the men. With my style of editing, bright colors do not work well. Thats not saying bright colors are bad in photos, but you won’t get what you are looking for wearing that with me. IF you want soft romantic, bohemian, images than I am your gal!!!

Not only is Jamie sure to capture amazing images of your family, but this extra addition is the cherry on top of the cake! If you’re local to the area, we highly suggest taking advantage of these wardrobe styling services from Jamie Hunt Photography.

Thanks for sharing Jamie!


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