Winburn Family Photo Session by Meredith Teasley

“Nashville Newbies” is the theme the Winburn family took on for their mini family photo session with Meredith Teasley. After moving all over for work throughout the years, they now call Tennessee home. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate a year of living in the south than in the fall, with a little plaid, and the biggest smiles! Enjoy these photos of this adorable family below!

Tell us all about your family!

Kimberly: A little bit about the Winburns… We’ve been a bit nomadic over the past decade, testing out parts of Kentucky, Cincinnati and then Detroit to call home. I then received a phone call from a recruiter in 2018 while living in Detroit that would lead us to the home that we had been searching for. Nashville! So here we are, myself. Kim, my husband Jerry, and the lights of our lives, our children Cara (6) and Jerry III (3), feeling the most amazing love from this city and community that has embraced us whole heartedly, and that we have embraced in return.

We reside in Franklin specifically, just down the street from my office. Living near work is something I would strongly suggest as it has drastically improved quality of life and work/life balance. My kids are near by in elementary school and preschool where I can join them for lunch or attend their school functions with ease. Moving here also provided a fairly clean break and push for my husband to launch his own woodworking and home services business, Winburn’s Woodworks, a passion he’s had for many years. We are so excited to continue to explore all the family fun that Nashville has to offer!

Why did you decide to do the shoot now?

Kimberly: Family photos are incredibly important to me. I’ve had them done every year since my daughter was first born. There is something so special about putting on your Sunday’s best and letting the camera capture the essence of each person and the family dynamics. We hit our year mark of living in Nashville in August, and realized we had not done family pictures in this wonderful city. Fall is my absolute favorite time of year. It is when I met my husband, both my husband and I were born in the fall, it is when we got married, and when we has our first child. I knew I wanted to capture the start of fall, so I proceeded to scour the internet and Nashville moms groups for recommended photographers and was so fortunate with who I found!

What was the concept for your shoot? What was your vision?

Kimberly: Nashville newbies was my concept. It was perhaps a little cliche, but I got out mine and my daughters boots, got my daughter an adorable hat, and bought my husband some plaid. All mustard yellows and maroons as a nod to the changing leaves in the fall. To top it off, the shoot included horses in the landscape, my sons favorite animal and a symbol of our new southern home.

How did your kids react during the photo shoot?

Kimberly: There were horses! They were stoked. My daughter loves the camera and couldn’t be more excited to spin around in her dress and boots. My son chased after the horses while my husband and I tried to keep him from falling and rolling around in the dirt.

Were there any challenges along the way?

Kimberly: Always, which is why I usually do a mini-shoot. Kids so little just don’t have the attention span for a full on family shoot. They wanted to run around, roll around and be goofy. Getting both of them to smile at the same time could be challenging. Lots of tummy tickles and patience got us through it!

What was it like working with your photographer?

Kimberly: Amazing. She was so gratuitous to fit us in to her completely booked calendar, and quickly too! She understood the challenges the we faced with the kids perfectly, both from just being a great professional, as well as having small children of her own! She found us the perfect location and jumped right in making the kids and my husband and I so comfortable. The proof is in the pictures!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your photo session?

Kimberly: Enjoy it! It is so easy to get yourself stressed out about the perfect outfits or getting the kids to smile. Try to relax and trust that the photographer will make i it magical!

We can’t help, but soak in all the love! Thanks so much to Kimberly and the Winburn family for sharing your story and to Meredith Teasley for the awesome photos of this family photo session!


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