Winter Baby Shower Featuring Letter Bright

Looking to host a winter baby shower that’s merry and bright?! Then you’re going to love Shelby’s dreamy celebration! With the help of her mom and the gathering of her family and friends, Shelby’s vision of a “grown up” party happened. While there was no lack of love, there also was no lack of gorgeous details including a beautiful charcuterie display, monogrammed cookies, a rose gold balloon arch and marquee letters from Letter Bright that were ultimately the stars of the decor. It’s as pretty as it sounds and ready for you eyes in these images by Mercer Photos.

Tell us all about your baby shower! Where it took place, who was there, etc.!

Shelby: It was the sweetest night! My cheeks still hurt from smiling so much! We threw it the week of Christmas so there was already such a fun, festive atmosphere around. Our longtime family friend Lana Thraser graciously hosted the party at her beautiful home in College Grove. A crew of my dear friends came together to make it happen. One friend took charge of food, another the drinks, and others brought the space to life with decorations! It was a true friends and family affair. My hostesses started the night by surprising me with the most special recorded blessing and prayer from my long time mentor who was unable to be with us in person. It was one of those moments I was so thankful for technology. There was not a dry eye in the house! We then kicked off the party with a champagne toast from my dear friend Julia. Everyone ate, drank, and had a blast all night! I got enough belly rubs to last me a year!

Was there a theme? What was the decor like?

Shelby: I said to my mom, “My vision is a ‘grown up’ baby shower” and goodness did she make it come to life! Float Franklin and Letter Bright Nashville really set the mood with the most beautiful collab of a rose gold and neutral balloon arch and stunning marquee letters. It was the eye catcher of the event! The food and drinks were also a highlight. My dear friend Jenna created the most amazing charcuterie TABLE you have ever seen and my friend Taylor crafted a beautiful holiday cocktail bar!

How did you feel during your baby shower?

Shelby: I felt completely showered love, both personally and for my growing baby girl. There was so much joy and excitement in the air! It was the moment that made pregnancy feel very “real”! Seeing so many people I loved gathering in one spot to celebrate her made me emotional in the best way (also could be the pregnancy hormones!). I was filled to the brim with gratitude. Knowing that I and this baby girl will have such a supportive, loyal tribe around us when she arrives made so me full of peace and confidence for the next chapter of life.

Did you receive any specific gifts that were very thoughtful or special to you?

Shelby: My mom gave me a box of books that she loved reading to me growing up. It was so special to flip through all my old favorites and made me so excited to read them to my own baby girl soon! My mom and I’s relationship has taken on such a sweet new chapter since I have been preparing to be a mom myself. I cannot WAIT to see her go into grandma-mode! She already has “Gigi” picked out as her name!

Tell us about the moment you found out you were pregnant!

Shelby: My husband and I had actually taken a break from trying after a stressful season not getting pregnant. I had stopped tracking my cycle so I had no idea I was actually late and was not expecting to be pregnant at all. We were driving home from church and I was just not myself (turns out I was nauseous and hangry from having food aversions I wasn’t recognizing!). My husband asked if I wanted to go to lunch and I said I didn’t feel like it. He said, “Okay final straw – something is up! You have not been yourself and you would NEVER pass up on a lunch date!” I will never forget him saying next, “Shelbs do you think you could be pregnant?” We stopped at a Walgreens on the way home to get a test and turns out I was not myself because I was in fact pregnant! I almost didn’t trust the lines at first because they were so faint – but sure enough there were those two pink lines we had been praying so hard for. We both cried on the bathroom floor and it was the most non-glamorous, yet perfect moment. We are just over the moon!

How have you been feeling during your pregnancy so far?

Shelby: I am feeling great now! The first trimester – not so much😅. I was very exhausted early on so napping was like my part time job. I remember falling asleep ON the floor while petting my dog multiple times🤣. I feel like I am finally “over the hump” now and doing much better. I have really loved the experience of being pregnant! It is so crazy and cool to feel life inside you! I am constantly in awe of what our bodies can do. Currently she is kicking like crazy and I love it!

How are you feeling about the birth?

Shelby: Oh goodness the whole spectrum of emotions! Excited, nervous, all the things. I am very rooted in my belief that God’s made our bodies so beautifully for birth. I am confident in my bodies ability to do exactly what it needs to do to bring our baby girl into the world! I am working with a wonderful midwife to help me remember all those things when the time comes.

Thanks so much to Shelby and Letter Bright Marquee Letters for sharing this beautiful baby shower with us! Congrats to Shelby & her sweet new little babe!

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