A Detailed Overview into Overnight Care with Tennessee Family Doulas

Growing your family is one of the most exciting times in your life. But, it also comes with its fair share of challenges … one of those being sleep! What if we told you that you can now get a good night’s sleep and have your precious little one taken care of throughout the night? Yes, it’s true! Allow us to introduce to you overnight care with Tennessee Family Doulas! Owner, Tanya is sharing a detailed overview about their role as a doula in this postpartum support service and how you can benefit from them. Keep reading to find out more!

A Detailed Overview of Overnight Care with Tennessee Family Doulas featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Tell us more about overnight care with Tennessee Family Doulas!

Tanya: Overnight care is a dream with Tennessee Family Doulas! Our Postpartum & Infant Care Doulas are focused on mom and baby care! When we arrive for our overnight shift, we chat with you about the day and then we send you off to bed and then we provide baby care while you sleep the night away. If you’re bottle-feeding, we can take care of baby all night long, or if you’re breastfeeding, we will wake you when baby is ready to eat. We can also fold baby laundry and wash bottles while we’re there to make sure your day starts off well. In the morning, we take some time to chat again about the overnight, and then we head on our way.

Is there a certain age that Tennessee Family Doulas works best with for overnight care?

Tanya: We love to start with babies on the first night home from the hospital in order to begin working with clients to help establish some healthy sleep routines. We typically work with babies from 0-6 months of age. The earlier we begin, the more sleep parents will receive and the better baby will sleep. We are experts at sleep shaping, and many of our client’s babies are sleeping through the night by 12-16 weeks.

What are some tasks that overnight doulas help with?

Tanya: Our main focus is sleep for the whole family. We also can help with quiet tasks like bottle washing and folding baby laundry.

A Detailed Overview of Overnight Care with Tennessee Family Doulas featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Do overnight doulas help with sleep training and feeding schedules?

Tanya: We don’t do sleep training, exactly, but when we start with new babies, we help shape their sleep. This sleep shaping looks like encouraging babies to begin stretching their first night sleep little by little. We don’t start this process until baby is back up to birth weight. We also help parents create healthy feeding routines during the day to help baby get adequate calories each day because this helps them begin to sleep longer at night. We use tools like pacifiers, sound machines, and swaddles to keep baby comfortable. This is never a cry-it-out situation. We are right there with your baby, keeping them comfortable, and meeting their needs immediately.

Is there a certain schedule or number of nights per week that a doula is able to come to your house for overnight sessions?

Tanya: Our doulas are available 7 nights/week. Our most popular schedule is 5 nights/week – from Sunday to Thursday. We have found that 3 or 5 nights per week works best to receive the most benefits of our routines and sleep shaping. We can also do as little as 1 night per week just to help the family get some sleep. The schedule is determined by the client, and we work with them to find the best number of nights for their needs and goals.

A Detailed Overview of Overnight Care with Tennessee Family Doulas featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Are there specific types of families that work best with overnight doulas?

Tanya: Every family can benefit from overnight care with our Postpartum & Infant Care doulas! If the financial aspect is overwhelming, we have had many grandparents and friends help cover the cost. There is even a way to put our support on your registry. Email us to find out how!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about overnight doulas?

Tanya: Our doulas are caring and compassionate. We support our clients as they discover parenthood, and find ways to parent that work best for them. We also offer daytime support, which works best for some clients. And some clients choose to use both daytime and overnight support for complete support in the first few weeks. Our doulas truly become a part of the family.

A Detailed Overview of Overnight Care with Tennessee Family Doulas featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Thanks Tanya for sharing more about this great postpartum support service! If you’re looking for an incredible doula especially for overnight care, check out Tennessee Family Doulas HERE and on Instagram!

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