Virtual Birthday Parties from Piece of Mind Events featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Celebrate with Virtual Birthday Parties from Piece of Mind Events

With many events being put on hold during these unprecedented times, Piece of Mind Events discovered a way that your kids can still celebrate their special day with family and friends! Virtual birthday parties allow for a sense of togetherness and are a great way to share special moments with the ones that mean the most! Keep reading to learn about what’s included in these parties and how Piece of Mind Events can help!

Virtual Birthday Parties from Piece of Mind Events featured on Nashville Baby Guide
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We hear you are offering virtual parties! Tell us more!

Sharde: Right now, feeling connected is what seems to be missed the most. I have seen so many of my friends have to cancel their child’s birthday party and it was sad to witness. So I decided to host digital parties so children aren’t left out of being celebrated. Memories can still be made even during these uncertain times.

How does a virtual party work? Do you call in on a service like Zoom?

Sharde: Yes we use the Zoom service to host the party. It is simple, and easy to use. Guests have the option to call in if they strictly want use audio or they can use their cameras on a tablet, laptop, or phone for video options. The party lasts for an hour. We host the party in the background and help with any questions!

Virtual Birthday Parties from Piece of Mind Events featured on Nashville Baby Guide
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How many people can attend a virtual party?

Sharde: Up to 25 guests can join in on a virtual party. However, I suggest no more than 10 total

What all does Piece of Mind Events provide for a virtual party?

Sharde: The party includes: *CUSTOM DIGITAL INVITATION- If your child has a favorite character or theme in mind, we can create an invitation including that. We can also create a standard invitation that is customized with their name and age. *GAMES: CHOOSE FROM ONE OF TWO GAMES: DJ FREEZE – Let the party begin as music is played so your guests can dance the day or night away! When the music stops, all the guests must freeze, or they are out! BIRTHDAY KING OR QUEEN SAYS: The birthday person rules the land and whatever they say goes. In this game, they will tell the guests things to do and all the guests have to do it. It is like Simon says! *OPENING THE PRESENTS! A template is sent to each guest so they can draw a picture of what they want to give as a gift to the child of honor. When it’s party time, each guest shows their picture to each other. Other ways to give: 1. Parents can add their Cashapp or Venmo info to the invitation allowing guest parents to give money to the birthday child. 2. Create an Amazon wish list allowing people to see what the child wants for their birthday and guests can purchase gifts for the child (Either option can be added to the invitation or mentioned at the party) *SING HAPPY BIRTHDAY Get the cake ready as all the guests sing Happy Birthday to the birthday child as they blow out their candles! *Digital BIRTHDAY PHOTO At the end of the party, photos of each guests are taken from video and put on a digital card as a keepsake. You can then share it with others or just save for yourself.

Virtual Birthday Parties from Piece of Mind Events featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Does Piece of Mind handle the digital invitations?

Sharde: Yes we do it all! We handle the party planning just like we would for a physical party! We have everything but the cake!

How do you celebrate a birthday on a virtual party?

Sharde: We play games, give presents, and sing Happy Birthday!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about virtual parties?

Sharde: If you purchase this service after seeing the info on Nashville Baby Guide, you can use the special promo “NashvilleBabyParty” for 15% off! Also, if you want to decorate your house, please check out one of our Birthday Bash Boxes! Plus, we are offering free local delivery in Nashville for the birthday boxes!

Virtual Birthday Parties from Piece of Mind Events featured on Nashville Baby Guide

Times may be tough, but clever ideas such as this one bring about such joy! Thanks so much to Sharde of Piece of Mind Events for sharing more about the virtual birthday parties that you offer! For anyone interested, be sure to connect with Sharde on her website and Instagram!


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