Cedarmont Farm is the Perfect Baby Shower and Kids Birthday Party Venue in the Nashville Area

Are you looking for an elegant baby shower and kids party venue in the Nashville area? Then Cedarmont Farm is an incredible choice! The options are endless as there are three barns, a pool, pool house, historic mansion and forty acres of rolling hills. You’ll find the perfect spot for celebrating your little one! Plus, Cedarmont Farm hosts incredible events for kids like their annual Easter Egg Hunt and Mother’s Day Tea. Keep reading to learn more about this incredible venue straight from Colleen!

What made you want to work with families?

Colleen: Growing up, I loved going to tea with my mom. I felt so grown up and fancy. Our historic house seemed like the perfect setting for a tea party and we had so much fun we decided to do more events for families. It’s all about getting to be a part of these moments in people’s lives and especially with children – it’s so fulfilling. I grew up running around this forty acre farm. It was such an amazing childhood and I’d love to share that. I hope children and families will still be talking about the fun they had at Cedarmont Farm years later.

What are your strengths compared to other baby shower and party venues?

Colleen: We are flexible and creative. We’re not afraid to do something new. Our historic house is not “kid-friendly”, it has so many antiques, white rugs, and definitely some breakables but that doesn’t mean kids can’t be a part of that. Sometimes I think adults underestimate kids. Kids want to get dressed up! They want to be taken nice places and feel important. We love having events in our mansion because you can tell the kids feel so special to be in that atmosphere. 

What attracts families to host their event at Cedarmont Farm?

Colleen: We’re doing something new and fun. Our events aren’t standard and they’re really customizable. Do you want a hay ride for your daughter’s birthday and a tea party? How about a mystery dinner or a teen spa party? We can accommodate all of it. We’re a farm and a historic house with an expansive guest house with a massage suite so the possibilities on the property really are endless. 

What else can you share about Cedarmont Farm?

Colleen: We’d love to help you with every kind of event at Cedarmont Farm, whether it’s a baby shower, a birthday party, family portraits or an afternoon picnic at our Easter Egg Hunt! 

Colleen! Thanks so much for sharing all about your amazing baby shower and kids party venue in the Nashville area, Cedarmont Farm! Be sure to check out their upcoming events like the Easter Egg Hunt and Mother’s Day Tea! 


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