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Creating Framed Memories with Framebridge

We are all guilty… we take SO many photos only for them to sit on our computer or phone. We rarely look back on them… but when we do, we get so much JOY out of reminiscing on how little our babies were! The solution? Framing your favorite photos from the years with Framebridge! We are starting our own little gallery wall project with Framebridge, and you can too! Keep reading to learn more about Framebridge and how you can frame your favorite family memories! (And best of all, you can use the code “nashbrideguide15” for 15% off of your order!).

What is Framebridge?

In their words… Framebridge makes it easy and affordable to custom frame the art, photos, and memorable moments you love! Prices range from $39 to $209 and shipping is always free!

From family photos, to works of art, to memory boxes… basically anything you want to frame… Framebridge has you covered! Framebridge is an online platform, so if you’re looking for an easy solution to frame your photos right in the comfort of your own home, then this is definitely the place for you!

Each Framebridge frame is hand-built in the USA and consists of UV protection and acid-free mats. You can either upload a photo or send your photo to them to frame. Choose your frame, size and design and customize your frames to your liking and your space!

Framing Objects

Framebridge allows you to not only frame photos, but you can also frame objects! Whether it’s a special school jersey, your baby’s hospital bands, or your child’s Kindergarten diploma, Framebridge‘s customization options are endless! Start going through those memory boxes and put them on display with a creative Framebridge frame!

I’m so excited to start our Framebridge gallery wall project! We have so many amazing photos of our kids and I can’t wait to put them all together and display them on our wall. If you’re looking to frame well… anything! Use my code “nashbrideguide15” to get 15% off of your Framebridge order!


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