Sunlit Baby Announcement Photo Session

After months of keeping the biggest secret, Kendall of Kendall Parsons Photography and her husband Cody spread their good news that they’re having a baby! Their sunlit baby announcement photo session captured by Howl Photography and edited by the mama-to-be, shines a light on their joy, excitement, and love for one another and their blossoming family. We’re over the moon for these two and their growing family and their session is sure to make you feel just as cheerful!

Kendall: “We’ve been hiding something since March!!! WE’RE HAVING A BABY!!!!

P.S. thank you to all of my brides who have been keeping this secret along with me.

2020 has been a weird year all around, emotionally, and in the world. So much growth amidst destruction. Nothing like I expected, or I’m sure anyone has. We got married, honeymooned, and slowly when we got back everything hit me in this face, a tornado, a pandemic, cancelations and rescheduling, feeling like my business was crumbling in front of me, and now George Floyd. We had planned to announce on June 2nd since we found out in March, and that was not the right time. Honestly at the rate this year is going I’m not sure there will ever be a right time. After talking to a few people though, and trying to figure we decided that 2020 has decided to throw bad things at all of us, and I am really hoping this is some positive news for others in the face of hard times.

Celebrating something that is so exciting for us has been really hard and weird because I know for a lot of people it feels like the world is crumbling around us. So here’s to trying our absolute best at parenting, praying for a teachable heart, that our baby will love and serve like Jesus, have heart of humility, and admit when they are wrong. I hope our baby is known for their kindness, compassion, forgiveness, and how they treat others. I hope that this baby grows into a person that reflects God’s light and love in this world. “

Congratulations Kendall Parsons Photography! Thanks so much for sharing your sweet sunlit baby announcement photo session with us!

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