Surprise Pregnancy Announcement Nashville Family Photo Session

This Wife Surprised Her Husband with a Pregnancy Announcement Photoshoot

And then there were four! When our community growth assistant Kayla found out she was expecting her second child, her husband Devon just so happened to be quarantined in another room in the house due to Covid. Not wanting to cut the excitement short, she waited eight fulls days to tell him and planned a surprise pregnancy announcement photoshoot to make it extra special. Kayla made arrangements with Hannah Diane Photography to take family photos at the very place her and Devon tied the knot, Ravenswood Mansion. A quick outfit change for their first kiddo during their session allowed him to sport a “big bro” shirt and capture Devon’s reaction as he finds out he’s going to be a boy dad times two. Considering Kayla is such an incredible mom and a huge asset to our team, we’re excited to share these images and show you how it all played out below!

Tell us all about your pregnancy announcement shoot!

Kayla: This was a surprise pregnancy announcement for my husband so I tricked my husband into thinking that we were meeting a photographer at Ravenswood who was looking to build her portfolio with families. Coincidentally, we also got married there. Anyway, the plan was to sudden realize that our son needed a diaper change and the photographer would just take Devon for some single shots while I changed him. While I was “changing” our son, I was in the back porch setting up my phone to video and changing our son into a sweatshirt that said “brother”. Finally, they decided to come find me and there I was in the back. My husband came up to us and I told him I had to change our sons whole outfit due to the “blow out” and that’s when he said the shirt that said “brother”. He had no idea and was super surprised! I handed him my pregnancy test and we hugged, laughed, and kissed. It was a very happy moment! And a successful surprise!

What made you decide to do a pregnancy announcement shoot?

Kayla: I decided to do a photoshoot because I found myself in an opportunity. You see, I found out I was pregnant but a few days before my husband found out he had COVID. So he was quarantined to one room of the house. After I found out, I was sad because we couldn’t celebrate! If I had told him then, we would had been robbed of our moment to hug and kiss and cherish the moment. So instead, I hired Hannah and set up an elaborate plan to tell him! The hardest part was waiting until his quarantine was up! I waited 8 days to tell him and any family/friends! But it was very much worth it!

What was it like building up to the photo shoot day?

Kayla: I was so nervous the day of. Texting the photographer and what not! We had never met before but she was recommended to me from my previous photographer who had done my last maternity shoot! The week leading up to it, I was truly not convinced I was pregnant. So much so that I went and got a blood test to be 100% sure. Anyway, the day of, I was so nervous that I was going to give something away but it went off pretty good!

How do you feel about the result?

Kayla: I felt great about the result! Hannah was great in helping me hatch this plan and played along which was super important! I also loved how now we got some professional photos of us three at our favorite venues! So it was definitely a good two for one deal for us.

How did your friends and family react?

Kayla: Shocked! Truly because our first was only about 9 months old at that time but very happy for us and excited for another to join our family! Everyone is super supportive and I feel very blessed to have that in our lives.

What was it like in that moment of surprise?

Kayla: I was so nervous. we had talked about adding to our family recently and wanting our children to be close in age so we were hoping that it would come soon but we were shocked how fast it did come and feel so blessed to be able to create this family together. In that moment, I felt like time was slowing down and I was taking too much time to set up the camera and get ourselves in a good position. I changed the tripod location like 5 times! I even accidentally set off the alarm at the venue by opening one of the doors!! But it was okay and went off after about 10 minutes haha. The cops came and everything. It makes for a great story!

How has your pregnancy been so far?

Kayla: My pregnancy so far as been pretty good! I was a bit sick from the weather and what not but I turned that good corner around 12 weeks. I’m 16 weeks now and everything is going well. I started showing pretty early so that’s been fun to navigate. The second is definitely different than the first in my opinion but overall I have been still feeling pretty good. It’s tough caring for an infant while pregnant because you do become overwhelmed with exhaustion day to day but I have a great partner that truly steps up!

Are you anticipating the birth?

Kayla: Yes very much so! I am very excited for the birth of my second. After having done it the first time around not too long ago, I feel like I have a better sense of what will work best for me this time !

Is there anything else you’d like to share about your pregnancy announcement?

Kayla: Baby number two is boy, so send me all your double boy mom tips family!

We love you, Kayla and are so excited for your growing family! Thank you for sharing your surprise pregnancy announcement photoshoot with us and the NBG fam.


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