• Hi!  I’m Jamie Hunt, the one behind the camera! I am a local Nashville photographer specializing in maternity, newborn, and family photos.  I love getting to meet each and every client and eventually feeling like family as I watch y’all grow through the years!

    Starting with maternity – I love a romantic session, full of love and such a tender time in your life, the calm before the chaos!!

    Gimme all the newborns! Newborn feet, newborn yawns, newborn smiles, and the newborn smells! There is nothing better than meeting new families with new babies and capturing all the moments from when they are hours, to days, to weeks old.  My style is a mixture of posed and lifestyle images where we are able to show all the sweetness a newborn brings to a family! I take extra care with each capture to ensure emotions are felt and lifelong memories are made.

    Family sessions bring out all the sillies! It is so fun to watch interactions between each member and snap my camera as everyone snuggles, tickles, laughs and giggles! I want this to be an experience for you and your family, not just another photo taken. I want you to look back at these photos years to come and remember the feeling you had the day they were taken! I want you to look back and feel the happiness and love that overflowed out of everyone.  I always make sure to capture that “perfect family photo” where everyone is looking and smiling, but majority of the session is prompts that lead to fun interactions that create natural smiles and emotions!

    I also offer a client styling for every session to help everyone feel and look their best and ensure that the collections are the best to be photographed!

    I look forward to working with you and using my creativity to give you photos that you treasure!


    As Seen on Nashville Baby Guide